Love our kitties, need a vet
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Park Rose area of Portland. 2 cats, we are new to the city need a vet we can trust and who likes kitties, any success stories?
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It's not your neighborhood at all, but we really like the people at NW Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital. We have a dog, but we were recommended there by an enthusiastic cat-owning friend.
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We've had good luck with the Fremont Veterinary Clinic, at NE Fremont and 50th.
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Our two household cats go to different vets, who are both awesome in their own way.

Aliester (black & white, my kitteh) is a darling and I love him to death, but he hates the vet with a fiery passion, and no matter what, he will growl and hide and do everything he can to get away from the vet. He goes to the North Portland Veterinary Hospital, because they are very matter-of-fact, get the gloves, call in two assistants, roll him up in a towel, and get his shots and stuff done with as little fuss as possible so we can go home. He hates them all. I appreciate that they don't take his hatred personally and get him in and out as efficiently as possible without hurting him (or getting hurt).

Schuster (orange kitteh, belongs to housemate) goes to Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care, which is a great, friendly vet where they really try to make friends with your pet. Schuster is full of love and orange fur, and once he gets to the vet (he does detest car rides, but the clinic is close to our house) he loves everyone. The exam rooms are very comfortable (more like a living room than a medical room) and he strolls around and accepts adoration. He doesn't like the shots, but he likes the attention.

For Aliester, efficient medical service is worth a longer drive-- and friendly vets are wasted on him. Schuster hates car rides but loves the extra petting and new people, so the closer super-friendly vet is a better fit for him.
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My kitties go to Laurelhurst Vet Hospital at 30th and Sandy. I've always been pleased with their level of professionalism, as well as their compassion. I've shown up with a super-stressed out feline (my Mr. Furley hates the car ride to the vet) and they've wisked him away to get cleaned up (poor guy sometimes poops on the way over) and put in a private room. They were also extremely tactful, kind and caring when I had a cat with kidney failure that eventually had to be put to sleep.
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My cats had good experiences with North Portland Veterinary Hospital when I lived in the neighborhood.
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My 18 year-old cat goes to Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic, on Williams… about 100 blocks west of you. Dr. Curran is great, is a cat person, and has a great way with our aging pal.

We first went there because it was super-conveniently close, but they've proven to be swell all 'round. Their alternative therapy offerings are very much in addition to/complementary to traditional western vet practices (which is more my speed), so if you're not interested in kitty acupuncture, don't worry—though I admit, it seems to help our cat's old hips. Dr. Curran strikes me as being sincerely concerned with quality of life above all else, and has been very good about not recommending unreasonable services, pushing special foods only available through them, etc. And you know how some vets can be reluctant to help you make decisions about what's best for your pets, when you get to more complicated medical decisions? It hasn't arisen yet, fortunately, but I'd say that I trust Dr. Curran to be completely candid when the time comes, which is worth a lot.

Also, it's in the same building as Tasty n Sons, so maybe you could park the cats at the vet and grab a bite (I've never asked, since we live up the street). If nothing else, you can get a damn fine coffee at Ristretto.
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