Help! How many Crowns are there?!
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How many Crown Attorneys are there in Ottawa & Montreal?

I'm considering doing a research project where I'd like to interview crown attorneys. I'd normally call the main offices but they're closed for the day and I'm looking for an answer sooner than that.

I'm specifically interested in crowns that deal with youth crime, but a general number of criminal attorneys will work for my proposal. I'm also interested in both Ottawa and Montreal.

Thanks everyone!!
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I believe the correct term is "Crown Prosecutor"; "attorney" is an American legal term.
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I don't know what's up with the Canadian legal system that they use American legal terms for their attorneys, but to answer the OP's question (for Ottawa at least), try this. This is from the Ontario government staff directory; I imagine there would be something similar for Quebec. To find out who works in youth crime, you'd probably have to call them directly.
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This PDF says that in 2011 there were 161 criminal prosecutors in Montreal. The French term of art is "procureur de la couronne", btw.
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In BC you could search this on the law society website, but I tried that for Ontario and not only did it not return results because there were 500+ in Ottawa, but I couldn't restrict it for Crown counsel only. Howver, there was a link to contact them, at which point you could ask them directly. Here's the one for Quebec, and there must be somewhere there to contact them as well. When I have had to contact the BC one, they were quite good at replying promptly.
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Also, I seriously doubt that any counsel specializes or avoids youth related crimes, but if you look up recent cases/decisions of interest, you will find the names of the counsel involved and you may get a good idea who you would like to speak to.
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Don't forget there are federal, pronvincial and municipal prosecutors.
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