What would a woodchuck build with all this wood?
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Usable scrap wood left over from a home project. What can I build with it?

I've got 12" lengths of pine boards (not plywood) leftover from a home improvement process (stair retread/rerisering).

There are about 16 each of 12x11x1 boards with the stair tread route on one edge. I've also got 16 12x7.5x.74 stair risers pieces.

All of the wood is currently unfinished. It could be an indoor or outdoor use. The only non-starter is birdhouses (we've got plenty, thanks!).

I've got, or have access to most any power or manual tools I'd need to do most woodworking projects.
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Those routed stair treads make great book or other shelves, I've got some in my house.
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16 x 12" pine boards?

Make four of these. Eight if your boards are too wide and you have to rip them.
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Simple stool/steps for kids to reach the sink, or bigger step-stools for reaching higher cabinets.
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Response by poster: There are no kids (and probably none for quite a while!), so kid projects wouldn't be desirable.
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An outdoor bench with seats that lift to store rain gear or hunting boots.

A potting table with shelves for outside.
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If you are into wine, a wine rack could be nice. 1, 2, 3, 4 for inspiration. Small wine racks can make good gifts I would think.
If you have cats, cat furniture!
Also planter boxes for outdoors or smaller ones for indoors (for herbs and such).
Other things: serving tray, new bed side tables....depends how much time you have really.
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You could make a series of simple boxes with sides only, no tops or bottom. Then you could:

- stand them on their sides, end to end, in various combinations for cat tunnels and chasing;

- put them on the ground or on top of soil in a larger planting box for small "raised beds" -- this will be aesthetically interesting and good e.g. for strawberries or small trailing plants like thyme or creeping jenny;

- mount them on the wall as display boxes/frames/shelves - this could look particularly interesting above the stairs that they match;

- stack them for modular shoe storage or a cubby system;

- arrange them on the floor, standing on their sides, in a rectangular formation then put a glass or other table top on them for a low but interesting table. You could put 11x11" cubes on the bottom, 6 to a side on the long sides, 2 (really 4) to a side for the shorter sides, then put the 7.5" cubes on top bridging the lower/larger cubes -- total height, 18.5". Instant cool coffee table.

It's your choice whether to miter the joined edges for neatness.
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Check out Ana-White.com for ideas, she often uses scrap wood in her simpler projects.
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I make picture frames out of scrap and/or reclaimed wood and 12 in lengths are perfect for ripping down to framestock for smaller frames.
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