Diamonds are a girl's best friend?
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What to do with a loose diamond? A very kind family friend has given me a very lovely quarter caret marquise-cut stone.

While there is maybe a possibility of its use as a ring stone in the future, I am looking at information on how best to store it safely, and what other options I'd have if I were looking for a new setting. Ideally this would be in a small, delicate necklace, but I've no idea what style this particular cut would look good in or where to start to look for ideas. Bonus: is there any way this would look good with an olive leaf motif? Philadelphia area, low-midrange budget.
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Alternate: sell the diamond and buy a nice necklace without precious stones. You get a piece of jewelry you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford without the anxiety of having a precious stone that you might lose, etc.

FWIW, a family member had a very large diamond as an engagement ring. Didn't wear it a day of her life, it sat in a bank vault where she worried about it. She had an inexpensive replica made and got decades of wearing enjoyment from it because it wouldn't mean much if the stone fell out while she was hiking, or the setting was scratched while she was washing the dishes.
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Mod note: From the OP:
I would like to clarify that selling the stone is not an option; I would eventually like a piece that I can wear for years to remember the family who gave it to me.
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The cheapest and most versatile thing to do in this situation is just get it set as a solitaire pendant, like this. No big deal. I have a round cut diamond a little bigger than that from my mother, and I wear it as a solitaire pendant. It's classy and understated.

Don't worry about losing it. Enjoy it now. You can't enjoy it if it's locked up somewhere.
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A quarter carat marquise cut is a flattish smallish stone. (bad photo off the web)

Finding a local jewellery designer/artisan in your area should not be difficult and you can discuss getting something made for it, to wear as a pendant, if you already have a chain or adding to a clasp for pearls, if you like those.
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I second infini. Go to a respected jeweler and have them design something for you.
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Find a reputable jeweler and ask them this question, they'll have better ideas than we will!
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I love The jewelry aficionados there will give you lots of great ideas and connect you with fairly-priced jewelers in your area or online (via etsy, etc.)
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