What's fun in the peninsula?
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Looking for a weekday date idea in Silicon Valley between Mountain View - Redwood City. Not just dinner. Challenge: It's going to be coldish this week.

2nd date - this wed or thu. I'm a bit more used to going on dates in the city and stuff going on there.

Originally I was thinking of something like Mini golf, but it's going to be surprisingly cold later this week.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Wine tasting nights at either K&L or Beltramo's.
Go tour the Hanna House.
Indoor badminton in San Carlos?
Thomas Fogerty Winery on Skyline
The Coyote Point Museum in San Mateo (a bit far north) is surprisingly interesting
Hiller Aviation Museum
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One of my favorite dates was to drive down 17 to Santa Cruz. First of all, you get some time in the car to talk, the drive is hella fun if you use a stick-shift, and once you get there, you can go on the boardwalk. Ride the roller-coaster, go to Capitola and get a slice and sit on that grassy knoll by the beach and watch the surf in the moonlight. Bring a blanket and snuggle.

Another thought might be the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. I thought it was awesome when I was a kid.

The Rosecrucian Museum? Very interesting.

I know, none of these things are between Mountain View and Redwood City, but why limit yourself?

I saw the Grateful Dead at the Amphitheater, my date did two tabs of acid and then I had to drive him back and forth on the Dumbarton Bridge a few times. I don't recommend this except for the Grateful Dead.
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Nerdy date in Menlo Park: Kepler's Books and Iberia restaurant (the tapas section, not the dining room.) The back section is super adorable and cozy and the tapas format keeps it more fun than entrees. They're both right by the Menlo Park Caltrain.
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Oh, go to the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford! Both the cafe and the museum are open till 8 on Thursdays. It's just the most charming little museum. Free too. And the Rodin sculptures outside are always open. If it does warm up, you can always walk through Stanford's Arizona Cactus Garden.
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It's probably going to be too foggy this week for the drive out 17 to be fun (also, post-work weekday 17 never sounds fun, based on traffic reports I hear). The Cantor Arts idea sounds cool - I liked it a lot the couple times I've been.
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Mountain View has windsurfing and odder aquatic tomfoolery.
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The President is going to be in Redwood City on Wednesday evening. That could either be an event or a reason not to go anywhere near the place.

The Cantor Arts center is really lovely.
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Here's a calendar of things going on in the Palo Alto/Menlo Park area this Wednesday and Thursday.
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