Dog Friendly Watering Holes Near Denver
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Our new rescue dog (Abby) loves water. I mean, LOVES water. Help us find awesome spots to take her to play near Denver.

I don't mind driving a ways. I'm mainly concerned with the spot not being near a road as we'd like to allow her off-leash to run and play and get wet!

Bonus points for camping sights that have dog and people-friendly watering spots.
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Chatfield State Park has an off-leash dog area that includes two ponds.

The park also has 197 camp sites, but I am not sure Abby can be off-leash where you can swim.

This PDF from Denver Parks & Rec includes a map of Denver dog parks (some of which appear to include ponds). Camping isn't allowed in these city parks, but they still might be fun to go to every now and then.

HTH - good luck!
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Best answer: Boulder area: Twin Lakes, Coot Lake, East Boulder dog park at East Boulder Community Park, downtown Louisville dog park has water and the Boulder Reservoir has a dog area.

Coot Lake has parts that are close to a road but if you walk around to the back it's not bad. I would rank the Louisville dog park at the bottom because the water is pretty small. Twin lakes is usually the least visited but the water level can vary.

Why yes, my dogs get to play outside a lot, why do you ask?
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Whoa! Abby is super cute!
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We have a chocolate lab who loves, loves, loves to swim and we just recently moved away from Denver. Oh yes Chatfield. Their dog swimming area is great! Cherry Creek state park (gate near Arapahoe and Parker actually Parker and Orchard) used to be deeper, but there is still water that she could splash around in. Our dog is a retriever so we would throw toys in there and he had a blast. I recommend buying the state park pass, it is a huge savings if you plan on going semi-regularly.

There is also a doggy daycare that has a dog pool that is open to the public for $10 on the weekend called Earth Dog at about 4th and Kalamath.

I'm jealous! We moved to Maryland and there are definitely less options here.
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The pond at St. Mary's Glacier usually has an off-leash dog or two frolicking in it. I don't know if off-leash is "allowed" or not, though.
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Best answer: This may be a bit off topic, as I don't know anything about Denver, but I do know about labs, and I've never met one who didn't love the water, like you say.

My parents have had labs for years, have two now, and keep a kiddie pool filled with water in their backyard. It's ridiculous how happy that small tub of water makes them. And bonus points for throwing a ball into the pool---THEY GET TO RETRIEVE IT! FROM THE WATER! OMG WATER! BALL! WATER! SPLASH!

You want the hard plastic kiddie pool, obviously, not the inflatable type. They run about $10 at discount stores in the summer. Could be a good compromise for times when you aren't able to drive to bigger parks and lakes and things, if you have access to a fenced yard and a garden hose.
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