Is the Chum-Churum drinkable?
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Chum-Churum (19.5% alcohol made from sweet potato with added sugar and hfcs). Open, unrefrigerated bottle for 24 hours at room temperature, then refrigerated. Safe to drink? I'm saying it's totally fine. My friend has grave doubts.
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Alcohol is a preserver, it kills bacteria. You may intoxicate at no risk to your health.
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Oh, yes, absolutely. Soju will keep for months and months without refrigeration.
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19.5% is about the level of an average wine, which would keep for a day or two. Most liqueur's with that alcohol content can be kept for months at room temperature.
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Most wine is actually even lower in alcohol, and I've had it at room temperature for nearly a week before.
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It's totally fine. Even if it went bad, it would turn vinegary and you'd be able to smell it. I'm pretty sure you can't get food poisoning (like, where it looks/smells fine, but you get sick) from commercially made hard alcohol.
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The problem with leaving red wine out isn't bacterial colonization, but that the components in the wine oxidize and separate out. A little of this is a good thing (part of why we use decanters) but a lot of it ruins the flavor.

It's still safe to drink, but you aren't going to enjoy it.

But on topic, I also think your chum-churum should be safe. Things like Apple Pucker and the various Schnapps contain a ton of sugar and low alcohol, but you can leave them out for a long time.
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Best answer: It's nearly 40 proof. Most wine is 10-12% alcohol, so 20 proof.

It's fine. I would drink it.
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Response by poster: Thank you. I didn't think it was a problem. It's nice to have confirmation.
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Soju yes makkolli no
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