Help me save my Shuffles
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I put 20-100 songs into Windows Media Player (for example) and engage the "shuffle" or "random" play function. Many times the resulting generated playlist really, really, works, and I would like to save this playlist to burn a mix CD or just to replay later. Is this possible? With any program that you can recommend?

If I make a mix CD, I will usually spend much too much time trying to derive the perfect order and composition of tracks. I find a surprisingly high success rate from software randomized playlist (once I add a large pile of tracks to which I *may* be interested in listening)...
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Best answer: Winamp makes it very easy to save your favorite playlists in either m3u or pls format. Rather than using the "shuffle" function built into the main window, open the playlist window, hit the "misc" button at the bottom, then choose "randomize list" from the Sort submenu. If shuffle is disengaged, Winamp will play through this shuffled list from top to bottom, and if it's a winner winner chicken dinner, saving it is pretty trivial (Manage playlist --> save playlist)
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Response by poster: Great, thanks!
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