Recipes for an evening cocktail after baby has gone to bed.
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Somehow I ended up with a bottle of Disaronno. What are some good drink recipes?

In a fit of pregnancy induced madness, I bought a bottle of disaronno. Now that I've had the baby, I'd like to figure out how to drink it. I tend to like fruity or dessert cocktails where the bite of alcohol is masked. My favorite drinks, in no particular order are: whiskey sours, white russians, cranberry & vodka, as well as most fruity cocktails.
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Mix with (good) orange juice. Great drink.
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Given your preferences, the easiest first cocktail is the amaretto sour.
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If you combine the two suggestions above you get an amaretto stone sour (amaretto + orange juice + sweet & sour mix) which is my favorite amaretto-based mixed drink.
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I like a variation of the amaretto sour.

2: parts amaretto.
1: part lime.

Beware. Amaretto is insanely calorie dense. Much more so than other, less sugary, booze.
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And if you want to go old school, multiple person, served in a big ceramic shell, tiki drink style try the Rum Giggle.

Rum Giggle:

2 oz OJ
1 oz pineapple juice
1.5 oz lemon juice
3 oz light rum
1 oz Amaretto
.5 oz simple syrup.
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Fruity, can't take the booze drink: Hawaiian Punch.

1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Vodka
4 oz OJ
couple drops grenadine.

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Italian margarita! Pour your favorite margarita over a shot of amaretto. It's sweet and sour.
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Amaretto & cherry juice is surprisingly decadent.
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Dr. Pepper was an old fave. Haven't had one in 15 years, I'd guess.
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amaretto with lemonade over ice would be a delicious summer drink. amaretto with ginger beer would probably be awesome. amaretto in hot cocoa is fantastic.
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One part Johnnie Walker Red Label or other scotch, one part Disaronno.

Packs a punch, but you'll be fine since you enjoy whiskey sours already.
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Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini!!!!

2/3 cup cold pineapple juice
1/3 cup vanilla flavored vodka
dash grenadine
generous dash amaretto
garnish with pineapple wedges and maraschino cherries

This drink is dangerous.
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Lounge Lizard

1 part Amaretto
1 part rum
4 parts Coke
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Amaretto sours are great, but I'm also a big fan of Amaretto and Ginger Ale. I eyeball my drinks and make them rather strong, so I can't really recommend proportions.
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The Godfather is 1 part amaretto and 2 parts bourbon or Scotch. Stir with ice to chill and mix, then strain, or serve on the rocks. Saydur's variation would be too sweet for me.
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Ameretto is quite nice in coffee too, if you like having liquered up coffee.
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Amaretto and cranberry juice taste just like Bakewell tarts!
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Isn't Blueberry Tea made with amaretto liqueur?
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Amaretto straight is really nice if you run hot water from the tap (or boiling water) into a tumbler to warm the tumbler up, or microwave the whole thing for a few seconds.
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Amaretto and fresh pineapple juice is nice. Use one part amaretto to 3-4 parts juice. Top with a slice of orange and a cherry. Agreed that amaretto is nice in coffee. I also like amaretto added to milkshakes, especially chocolate, cherry or vanilla.
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Amaretto and Fresca.
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Yeah, I like straight Amaretto with dessert (or as dessert). It's the booze that pairs best with warm cookies, IMO.
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Amaretto is one of my favorite liquors to make desserts. It pairs well with any stone or pitted fruits. It also rocks with pineapple either as a cocktail or dressing on the raw fruit. Making brownies? Then a glug or two of amaretto works really nice. I make a dessert where the hard ladyfingers are dipped in amaretto and then amaretto spiked custard (Mrs. Birds) is poured over it to chill, firm and then be dusted with chocolate or cocoa powder. It is essential in my pantry with dark rum, frangelica, gin, grand mariner and hennesy.
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Amaretto and coke is tasty.
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Amaretto and lemon-lime soda. Amaretto and Bailey's irish Cream.
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Seconding the coffee and cocoa suggestions. Amaretto is also fabulous in rice pudding, or over ice cream.
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Amaretto and vodka is a Godmother.

I love the aforementioned pineapple-upside-down-drink and amaretto and Coke.
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This is not a drink, but I put in a splash of amaretto when I make whipped cream. It tastes great over strawberries or grilled peaches.
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So many great things to try I can't wait to get started! I do feel a bit stupid because I didn't realize Disaronno=amaretto, I thought it was some crazy specialty liquor.
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Amaretto sours are indeed delicious, but they shred sensitive stomachs like nothing else I have ever seen. It is the only food I have ever had to discontinue because of gastric distress.

Now I mostly use the remains of the old bottle to make this cake
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The Dr. Pepper - Glass beer with coke top, shot of Disarrono dropped in it bomb-style.

Tastes exactly like Dr. Pepper, which could be either a major plus or minus point for you. In either case, will get your shit discombobulated right quick.
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