Brief double vision in the mornings
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For a while now, I've had about 5 minutes of double vision in one eye, but only in the mornings. Is this normal?

I have my routine eye exam in a couple weeks, and I plan to ask my optometrist, but I was wondering if anyone else experiences this.

It's only in the mornings, right as I wake up. I'm usually fiddling with my phone before getting out of bed, so I end up closing my right eye in order to see properly. Within a few minutes it corrects itself. I don't experience it anytime during the day.

I do wear glasses for nearsightedness and I believe I have some astigmatism as well.
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No, double vision that is distracting enough to make you close that eye is not normal. Make sure you talk to your specialist about this and make further appointments as necessary. There could be lots of causes, from benign to less benign.
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I get this sometimes if I wake up from lying on my side, and the eye that was against the pillow was pressed against it harder than it should be and my eye literally got a bit squished and deformed which leads to funky vision problems until it gets over it. It's very obvious when this is the case though - the side of my head definitely feels squished.
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I doubt that it is something serious, mostly because it's only lasting a few minutes, but weird vision problems can be signs of more serious issues (this happened to someone I know) and the sooner you get it checked out, the better. Just to be on the safe side.
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Are you sleep deprived? Sometimes when I wake up with not enough sleep and try to look at a screen, my vision gets weird. 5 minutes seems long though; I recall it being a 0.5-1 minute thing.
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I do something similar to this, my eye doc said it's just very mild cross-eye and gave me some focus exercises to do at home. Hopefully it's equally non-serious in your case!
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Go see a doctor. Some serious possible causes for these symptoms are not isolated to the eyes.
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If it's glaucoma you need to see an opthamologist now, and not wait. (I have it). Make sure you do not take diphenhydramine (Benadryl or over the counter sleep meds). If you do, stop immediately.
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I brought that exact issue to my eye doctor - reading my iphone in bed gave me blurry vision for a while after - and he said I need reading glasses and the issue was my eye muscles spasming, or something.
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Go to the doctor. It could be nothing but diplopia is a symptom of some pretty serious diseases.
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Well I saw my optometrist today and he said not to worry about it. He said if it happened during the day it might be cause for concern but as it is it's fine. Thanks everyone!
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