Where can I find .net/ruby/r contracts?
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Well I just lost my job since the company I worked for folded. I have thought about starting my own Microsoft stack, and Ruby on Rails stack consulting company. (I am in the US, in Colorado) Need some help.

I have a couple of interested companies now, but I need some help in resources where I can look for contracts.

I know some of the sites I have seen are mostly it seems looking for overseas developer and the rates they offer are extremely low. I feel confident that word of mouth will be my best promotion tool, but I need to bootstrap it a bit more.
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Be sure to hook into the various groups in the area for Ruby - Denver Ruby Group, theres a Boulder Ruby group.

Fort Collins has a group called Fort Collins Internet Pros which is made up of a bit less programming oriented, but lots of small companies, design shops, wordpress installers, etc. I've gotten a few freelance jobs from people in that group when a piece of custom coding was beyond what they could tackle.

I haven't ever hustled for contracts, so I'm not sure what more I can tell you other than to get to know the community in the area, and be sure to contribute what you can - then when they have a job they can't take themselves, you'll be high in their minds as a qualified guy to go to.
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Top Ruby Jobs
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If you're interested in working in Colorado, be sure to check out the the RMIUG jobs board. Mostly recruiters.
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