Redeeming points for a great getaway?
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Best way to use my Priority Club points?

Wondering if any of y'all have cashed in your Priority Club points (Holiday Inn, InterContinental, etc) and have advice? I'm sitting on around 100k points and would love to use them for a long weekend beachy getaway with the boyfriend. It seems like the point redemption system varies wildly depending on brand and locale. Figuring there are some tips and tricks, and very good and very bad hotels in the chain... U.S or close (ie Mexico, Puerto Rico) beachy destinations preferred.

Recs of hotels in the chain/brand, whether or not you used points, also appreciated.
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Best answer: It might be worthwhile to ask your question here.
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We had alot of points on a Chase Marriot Card, I emailed and asked about using them on a specific item and was told they could send us Visa Gift Cards so we could use the money on what we wanted. Just an idea for you, because we got the Visa Gift Cards and spent them on what we wanted to.
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InterContinental's properties offer widely varying deals for points redemption. There doesn't seem to be a ton of rhyme or reason to it. Properties desperate to fill rooms tend to offer redemption nights for 15K points. Normal redemption seems to be 25K, and premium can be higher (or not at all). We've been to some great places for 15K, and not-so-great for 25K. It's basically a lot of trial and error on the website in my experience.
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