Recommendations for a therapist in SF/Oakland area?
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Life happens. Looking for recommendations for a therapist in SF/Oakland area. Details inside.

I'm looking for a therapist to help me sort through some general life issues. My previous therapist introduced me to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to deal with anxiety. He is great and I would continue seeing him but I can't afford $200 a session forever. My health insurance doesn't cover him. The goal of this post is to find a therapist compatible with the issues I want to explore, who takes Blue Shield insurance, and is close to the BART San Francisco/Oakland corridor, as I have no car. I work in downtown San Francisco and live in downtown Oakland.

I would like a therapist who is familiar with ACT (or similar) and can continue to guide me as I implement it. I'm drawn to cognitive behavioral therapy as it is a results-oriented type of therapy. At the same time, there are other issues that don't quite fit that paradigm. I'm open to concepts outside of the psychotherapeutic model.

What I would like to explore:

1. I tend to be fairly judgmental. Developing a better sense of compassion for myself and others.
2. I want to come to peace with who I am today. I want to properly mourn the other conceptions of "who I wanted to become" and move on.
3. I want to start weaving my past experiences into some sort of narrative and accept them as pieces of me. I tend to try and avoid thinking about the past because I consider many parts to be sort of awkward and painful.
4. I want help continuing to develop my meditation and mindfulness practice.

Does anybody have any recommendations for therapists compatible with my issues and takes my insurance? I would prefer that they take Blue Shield, but any other awesome recommendations OK as well. Thanks.
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