Miniature Chinese landscapes?
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You know those miniature dioramas you sometimes find in Chinese restaurants, the ones made out of something like bamboo shavings (?), usually scenes of some trees, a bridge and a small temple or gazebo, set in a little glass box/frame? My Google-fu is weak - my young son is disappoint (he would love one for his birthday)...

(A source in Italy would be doubly awesome...)
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Best answer: They're made of cork - so searching for "Chinese cork sculpture" may get more hits.
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Best answer: (This or this, for example, on
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Response by poster: Ahh - those're the ones! Any idea whether this genre of craft/sculpture has a name?
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It looks like they're all over Amazon as well, listed as Chinese cork carvings or sculptures.
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You'll also find them under Asian corked sculpture.
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