A Receipts Scanner needed with 'scan to email' functionality
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I have been asked to find a receipts scanner. It should be able to work preferably as a stand-alone device (so not attached to a PC) and email receipts to an email address ('scan to email' so digital copies of receipts can go into an expense system), cost a few hundred dollars and be easy to use. So far I am not having much luck - there is the Neat scanners (www.neat.com) but they seem to require a Mac.
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Perhaps look into an iOS app that takes snapshots of receipts and processes them. You could use an iPod Touch as a cheap standalone device unencumbered by Windows or Mac PC.
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Ha. For the second time in ten minutes, I point an Asker to Doxie.
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Seconding Doxie, especially with an Eye-Fi card, and Doxie + Evernote = crazy delicious.
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Response by poster: Hi guys,

Doxie seems interesting. But can it send a scanned receipt to an email address?
It still seems to require a computer though but does it need a computer after it has been configured?

This is a very difficult solution to find it seems.
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Multi-function printers can often "fax" to an email address. Put receipt on scanner glass. Select address destination press start button. This is the case for a variety of Samsung and Canon printers I have used recently.
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