How should I sell my MacBook Pro in Florence?
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[Asking for a friend] How should I sell my late 2008 15" MacBook Pro in Florence, Italy?

I need to bring my laptop to Europe for a three week class, but because I'm traveling for three more weeks after the class is over (staying in hostels), I'm considering selling the laptop in Florence to avoid carrying it with me around Europe or shipping it back to the states.

What's the best way to do this? Are there online resources available for this (e.g. local Craigslist)? How about local pawn shops?
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I guess the computer has English OSX - not a great selling point outside English speaking countries. I'm not sure about the power brick either (Is it double-voltage?).

There's no pawn shops in Florence that I can think of; I suggest the classified ads route.

Here's the florence craigslist -read mostly by americans, I think- craigslist never really took off in Italy, and here's a couple equivalent sites, a lot more popular here. Plus, ebay.
There's a few classified papers in town, off the top of my head this is the oldest and most popular.
Or, she could put ads on bulletin boards at some (e.g. language, art) schools with brit/US students.
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OS X is multilingual, any user can change the language to Italian (or German, French, whatever). The bigger problem is the keyboard. While you can change software keyboard layouts, most Italians will probably be annoyed that the hardware keyboard is US English.
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