Is something killing my roses?
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My rosebushes were robust 2 weeks ago, but something's going on. Here's what the worst one looks like from afar and a closeup.

Is it terminal? If not terminal, what can I do to fix it?
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Looks like blackspot. I would remove all leaves showing signs of the disease, spray, and treat with an antifungal that you apply at the base of the plant. You may need to prune it severely and let it grow back. You will need to remove ALL diseased plant matter, including dead leaves around the bases of all the plants. Make sure to apply an insecticide, too, because your roses are very stressed and vulnerable right now.
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Yup, that's blackspot.

You'll need to strip all the affected leaves and then spray the whole plant with, well, something. There are a lot of options depending on how nuclear you want to get. Just make sure you spray the top and bottom of all the remaining leaves AND the stems.

Here are some recipes for sprays you can make at home fairly easily. Good luck.

If the plants don't recover well, replace them with resistant strains. Then you can be lazy about it like me.
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Thank you. These roses were my late grandmother's pride and joy, so I'll be doing all I can to salvage them.
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It's really important to only water roses in the morning, and let the soil dry between waterings. Be sure you are not using high nitrogen fertilizer on them as well, because that is like a magnet to pests and pathogens.
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