Details magazine copyediting test
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Four or five years ago on the last page of The New Yorker was a spoof Details magazine copyediting test. I've lost my copy of it and can't find it anywhere online. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of it?
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The library? The online access I have to The New Yorker here has full text [i.e. pdf's of pages] going back to Jan. 2002. If it was before that, then you can only get abstracts online [at least with the databases I have access to], and I'm not sure if they do abstracts of the back page stuff. Was it an illustration? Are you sure it was Details Magazine? Do you remember what was on the cover, because that might help narrow down which issue we're looking for.
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I don't remember what was on the cover or much else about it. It would have been from sometime in early 2000, if I remember correctly. And it was definitely Details—making fun of the writing in the magazine. Guess I'll head to my local library to see if it's available there. I was hopeful that it'd be available online.
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It should be in The Complete New Yorker DVD-ROM set (available September 2005)...
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