What camcorders record straight to a computer?
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What's the best camcorder I can buy for a reasonable price that will output directly to PC?

I'm looking for a camcorder ideally in the $300 to $800 range that can shoot video directly to a PC, be it through Firewire, USB or other means. I'd like to be able to shoot directly to MPEG or MOV, but even raw streaming can be worked with. Ideally, the camcorder would support 1080p and the standard wishlist of video features (stabilization, manual focus.) I'm aware of products like Blackmagic's Intensity, but would prefer to have this support out of the box.

The camera itself would be mounted on a tripod and wouldn't need to be carried around.
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Any relatively modern vid-cam can do this. I used to use my 10 year old Sony Handycam to video conference. It's a live stream straight from cam using firewire. What is the end result you're trying to accomplish?
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