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Are there any photographers in the SF Bay Area who specialize in wacky/zany/surreal portraiture?

I'm not even sure if what I'm looking for even exists, but I've recently decided to get new portraits done, and this time, I'm not looking for something staid or staged-seeming -- which is the feeling that I get from most portraits -- at all. If possible, I'd like to be depicted in a variety of crazy and/or silly situations; by 'crazy', I'm being very general, and perhaps intentionally so, because I'm not even sure what I'm looking for. I just don't want to have my picture taken among the Embarcadero with the Bay Bridge in the background, or whatever, like I've seen in so many portraits. I also realize that what I'm asking for is probably more a function of whatever tools the photographer has at hand, however their studio might be set up, or the locations they have access to, etc., and that's partly why I'm asking here. In lieu of this, 'artsy' would work too.

I'm looking to spend $500 -- maybe a bit more or a bit less, depending on contingencies, but I'm thinking this should be more than enough. Recommend away!!!
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You might try Shalaco Sching.

(Disclaimer: Don't blame me if something catches on fire.)
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My friend Tristan does wonderful work, both traditional and more quirky.
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Try Darren Miller, he's also a fire dancer if that gives you a sense of him. Look through the portfolio I linked to, it's definitely wacky/zany/surreal.
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When i was 18 or so, I somehow got a hold of a free Fashion Photo coupon for a session for two. My friend and I showed up with it and there were a bunch of kids' props. Carrots and wagons and wizard hats and all kinds of shit, which we basically played with while the photographer photographed. The photographer seemed to have a blast, and we ended up with some very bizarre photos. The fact that they werte sort of mall-photographer-quality made them that much weirder.
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