A token of thanks for a concierge?
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What's an appropriate way to thank a concierge?

The concierge at a high-end Canadian hotel (where my father is a guest today) went significantly out of her way to do a favor for me. Because I'm not up there myself I can't discreetly tip her, and so thought of sending her a card with...something...in it. So...what's best to send? (Not cash, I know.) A check? If a gift certificate, what's an appropriate dollar amount?
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Not sure about the gratuity, others will have to address that issue, but also I think a letter to the hotel manager singing her praises might do her some good when raises come along.
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I think an American Express Gift Card or Cheque would be appropriate and the dollar amount would be discretionary. Usually it is related to the effort expended in completing the task and/or the scope of the task. (This is based upon my experiences in the U.S. hotel industry, though, and I am unfamiliar with tipping practices in Canada.)
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I bought a concierge a box of high-end local chocolates once, which made him very happy, but that probably won't work if you're not there yourself.
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Find out who her boss is. Call this person and tell them that the concierge went out of her way to help you and that it reflects well on the concierge and the hotel. Hopefully that information will trickle down to the concierge. Also call the conciege a few days later and tell her thanks again.
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In the past I have sent a letter to the manager thanking them for the very high quality of their desk staff.
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A note of thanks to the management is certainly nice, but you're only hoping that your thanks will somehow trickle down to the concierge. If you go this route, at least send the concierge a copy for their records in case they have to seek new employment for whatever reason.

As always, money is also good.
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When somebody goes far out of their way, I make point to send an email or letter to corporate headquarters thanking the person by name and noting how favorably it's reflected on my opinion of the company.

I've received replies to my letters on several occasions, so I'm quite sure this works.
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