Transgender surgeon around Middle Tennessee?
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I am looking for a surgeon in or around the Middle Tennessee area willing to do FTM Transgender chest reconstruction surgery.

A friend of mine (yes, actually a friend, not me) lives in an area that does not do Transgender chest reconstruction surgery. While he has found a few places out of state that will do it, the cheaper ones do not pay for room and board while the more expensive ones pay for it.

My gf and I would happily allow him to stay with us during the surgery and we are trying to give him the best of both worlds so that he can do the surgery inexpensively while not having to pay for room/board.

However, after searching in the Middle TN (we live in Nashville) we have not been able to find a surgeon that will do it for Transgender people. Plenty for physical health reasons, but not Trans.

tl;dr Does anyone know of a surgeon near Middle Tennessee (some sort of commute is expected, but the closer the better) willing to to do FTM chest reconstruction surgery?
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You could try contacting some of the physicians listed as contacts on the Vanderbilt Medical School Gay-Straight Alliance website, they might be able to recommend someone.
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Unfortunately, there aren't a ton of surgeons in the country who do this sort of surgery. Until a few years ago, there was one in Nashville, but he no longer sees trans* patients.

I think that your best bet would be looking at Medalie up in Cleveland--it's a drive, but it could be a one-night-in-a-hotel kind of deal, not a spending-weeks-somewhere-else deal. The Transitional Male has a whole page on this that you might find helpful.
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Check your me-mail.
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