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Ipad 2 - how to transfer a SUBSET of photos in a folder to an iMac. Problem: can transfer ALL photos, and can transfer handpicked photos, but not a folder of selected photos. Tried iPhoto and Image Capture. [Asking for a friend].

There are 1500 photos on the iPad 2. From those, there's a folder of 500 photos ("Selected Photos"). How to transfer just the "Selected Photos" folder to the iMac?
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I can do this with iPhoto from my iPhone, though if I get to use folders, I don't know how. Select them with shift-clicking or command-clicking, right click, and go to "import selected" or something similar. Then you can go to events, go to the most recent one and drag that to your desktop.

Maybe it's different for some reason on an iPad.
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Cant you just connect the ipad to a windows pc (or bootcamp on your mac) and select the photos that you want and copy them over?
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She doesn't have any Windows pcs, and no windows OS, so that's not practical. Basically, it's the iMac and iPad2 - the ecosystem that failed... ironic if you have to resort to another OS in order to have basic functionality you don't get within the Apple stack.
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