Yet another "what is this book I read as a kid" post.
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Help me identify a young adult book I read in the late 70s or early 80s about a boy lost in the wilderness.

Here is what I remember: at the beginning of the story, the main character was a (young teenage?) boy perceived by his father as weak or sissified. The boy had secretly built a raft all by himself, which was tethered on a body of water near their house.

One day the boy was hanging out on his raft, perhaps after an argument with his father, and somehow the raft and boy drifted off downriver and ended up a very long way from home in a wilderness area. I'm not sure if perhaps the boy fell asleep and the raft's tether broke? Perhaps there was a flash flood?

At any rate, the boy was left to walk home by himself. I remember the story dealing with the frightfulness of the raging river and the boy's cold and hunger, including digging up and eating wild onions in particular. During his long walk home, he learned tons of resourcefulness and self-sufficiency. He *might* have been joined by a dog along the way.

That's really all I remember! Help?
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Someone else will know, but you might enjoy My Side of the Mountain, which is really similar (kid lives in a tree, forages, self-learns falconry, etc).
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(not to thread-sit, but) reading the FPP about that author's death is what made me think of this book, actually! thanks.
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Sounds a lot like an Allan Eckert novel but after browsing some of his books I didn't come up with a hit.
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Pretty sure you are talking about White Water Still Water
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THANK you, jockc (and everyone else who replied, of course). The book is indeed White Water Still Water. Hooray!

I'm always amazed at how efficiently mefites help each other.
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