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What is your favorite tool for searching multiple Craigslist cities? Crazedlist is now defunct and I'm sad. I know I could set up a million RSS feeds, but I thought I'd ask here first before going to the trouble.
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I've used SearchTempest.
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CraigsPro+ is awesome if you have an iOS or Android device. It has a very nice search agent that will alert you when new listings match your search criteria.
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I've used .
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Blast! That would be
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I've used
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searchtempest is my favorite, because you can search by distance from a zipcode, instead of knowing which cities to select
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Best answer: I'm now answering my own question lest anybody else face this problem. Crazedlist publishes "Crazedlist loco", which is a package you install and run from your browser. It works great, and restores the full function of the Crazedlist site, only now running from your own computer.

It's a bit of a kludge- it needs a Firefox extension that is outdated, and only runs on a much earlier version of Firefox, which I had to download and install. But it then works perfectly, and (while running) is accessible from any browser you choose.
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