Where can I find this out-of-print book?
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Where to find an out-of-print geneaology book?

Okay, so we think we've finally found some long-hidden family info --- yay! But it would really REALLY help if we could locate a specific out-of-print book: the two-volume "Ortssippen Gross Jetscha 1767-2000", written by Hans Wikete. It's in German, if that matters; it contains family records of ethnic Germans (Swabians) who founded a town (Gross Jetscha, in German) in what was Hungary but is now northern Romania.

I've searched and Googled and all I come up with is the same basic site on Banat villages that tells me sorry, it's out-of-print. Help, please!
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This is what public libraries and genealogy societies exist for. You local library/genealogy society can probably give you guidance if you are feeling stuck. Academic libraries are also known for having lots of OOP books, they do not have a lot of genealogy though; I would try contacting Universities in Hungary & Romania just in case.
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Local library! The friendly librarians will help you to find the book, and they might be able to Interlibrary Loan it for you. If they can't bring the book in, they might be able to arrange a photocopy of the necessary pages.

Seriously, this is the sort of thing that will make a librarian's day. We love this sort of challenge.
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Check the libraries that hold it at World Cat
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Have you tried abebooks.com?
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Response by poster: Yep, tried Abebooks, Alibris, and --- just for the heck of it, 'cause I sure didn't expect to find it! --- Amazon.

We'd really like a copy we can purchase, rather than borrow from a library, although we'll go that route if we have to. And I'm afraid we can't ask for a photocopy of the revelant pages, because at this point we don't know what pages we want! (We're not even totally 100% the family is listed in there, just reasonably sure.....)
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If it is "Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde : Grossjetscha im Banat : 1767-2000," the WorldCat record linked above by Flitcraft, you might have luck getting scans of it, if you could narrow it down, through Interlibrary Loan. Alternatively, if you're close to DC, you could sign up for a Library of Congress card and see it in-house; they may even have other materials that would be useful! The Google Books page for it also lists Arbeitskreis Donauschwäbischer Familienforscher as an author, which looks like it might be connected with this site; is it possible that you could contact them directly to see about purchasing it?
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You could always write to the author and ask whether he has a copy that you could buy.
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the local history volunteer at work (published author, retired librarian, etc.) surfs ebay religiously looking for books he wants or wants to recommend for our collection

he often finds them, but ymmv - some things are really, truly, out of print
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I suggest eBay.de. I search the US version with the names of towns that are relevant to my genealogy and have gotten some good stuff.
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Response by poster: Okay, just to let you nice folks know: we're gonna 'carpet bomb' this and go at it pretty much all the ways you folks have suggested --- inter-library loans, Google Books, ebay.com AND ebay.de, writing to the author and all the rest --- maybe, just maybe, we'll get lucky! It looks like the Library of Congress does have one copy of it; if we can figure out how to narrow it down to specific pages, we'll request copies.

Many thanks for your suggestions!
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