Therapist Recommendations around Westchester County NY
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I am looking for suggestions for a great therapist in the Westchester County, NY area. I am thinking one that focuses on cognitive-behavioral therapy may be best, but am open to suggestions.

A little backstory that might help: a close relative is in her early 50’s and appears to be terribly depressed. She has tried therapy several times throughout the years but has never gotten much out of it and seems to have given up on the idea. At this point she doesn’t think anything is going to change. My family is hoping that we can get her to try one more time, but we are at a loss as to where to go for help, or what more we can do ourselves to help her. She has always been fairly quiet and withdrawn, but this past year has seen her get much worse. Her goal each day is to get through work as quickly as possible so that she can get back to her room and watch tv – quietly and alone. Watching television consists of staring blankly at the tv for hours on end - she rarely remembers what it is she has been viewing. She is exhausted all the time, and attempts to get her to do anything she once enjoyed (go for walk? do a little gardening? visit with her sister?) are met with the common refrain of “I just want to be alone – I’m tired.” Possibly relevant: she is under regular endocrinologist care for Hashimoto's and is on the correct dosage of synthroid for her physical symptoms.

It is discouraging and if I’m being honest with myself, annoying. We (immediate family) are at the very unhelpful point of just wanting her to snap out of it already, but of course know it is not that simple. Mostly, we just want her to enjoy life at least a little but we don’t know how to help her. There is more of course but for brevity’s sake I’ll stop here.

TLDR: Searching for a great therapist in Westchester County for someone who has been to several and is at the end of her rope. I am searching for someone who will actively point out where her thinking is broken and give her the tools to help her feel better moving forward. I believe a woman is preferred and someone who accepts insurance would be ideal.

Thank you and please don’t hesitate to email:
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I sent a mefi mail thingy.
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Sent you a MeFi message with my recommendation.
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