mp4 battery
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Replacement flat battery pack for a dead mp4 player.

Works when connected to USB voltage, the battery will just not take a charge. I have it apart and replacement looks fairly straightforward, but having trouble finding ONE at a reasonable cost via Google search. Specs li-ion 3.7v 400mAh 043040, seems to be readily available in lots of 1000. Since I'm just doing this to resurrect an old favorite MP4, I don't want to spend more than 5 USD, as I can live w/o it.
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Have you tried eBay and sites like
posted by ChrisHartley at 6:10 AM on May 17, 2012

Have you tried your local Batteries Plus retail shop?
posted by COD at 6:21 AM on May 17, 2012

Or Newark, Digikey, or Mouser ... check radio-controlled model suppliers, too.

You've got to be a bit careful with LiPo batteries. Some come with protection circuits, some don't. This might help you: Lithium-Ion (LiIon) & Lithium polymer (Lipoly) battery tutorial
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