New, [unsusual()?] career choices.
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I am a Systems Engineer. I work with models and simulations and do a lot of work with Excel and Bespoke modelling tools and massive massive piles of data. I'm pretty good at it, most of the time. But, what else could I do (preferably in or near London) ?

I've been thinking about moving not just jobs, but entire careers. But the problem is that I don't really know what I could do and what I couldn't.
Do you have any ideas of interesting jobs that people do? Jobs which don't neccessarily involve a big company and on office (I am really fed up of corporate meetings/annual reviews/etc). Jobs involving maybe building something? Or doing something kinda cool.
I really am not sure even what to ask, let alone where to look.
Where should I go for ideas, inspiration, contacts?
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This is my standard suggestion for people looking to change careers, and not sure what they want to do. (You might find the rest of that thread useful too.)

You don't want to get too hung up on "I really know Excel, what can I do with that?" That way of thinking leads to another career doing a slightly different version of what you're doing now.
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Systems engineering is quite well established in Building Stuff. The first place you'd want to check out is EADS, parent company of Airbus. There is a very large and thriving culture of systems engineering at Airbus (I adapt some of the information in their systems engineering presentations because they use familiar models and have a point of view different from the one with which I'm most involved) and they build actual flying hardware. However, any organization creating large, complex systems will need systems engineers. BAE is another. Meggitt PLC is a third, though they are more narrowly focused.
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Thanks both.

I think my question was a bit too broad and not well thought through, but you have both been helpful. I think the working identity link (and the thread in which you posted it) will help me think more about my question.
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