Peeling paint reveals Lockwood sticker: which came first?
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On two doors, the door closing mechanism's paint is peeling, and underneath the paint there is a Lockwood sticker. Is this a design feature, an 'easter egg', or what? Photos inside.

There is a corridor at my work with doors at either end. Both doors have door closing mechanisms (so the doors close softly and don't slam). Both doors have painted door closing mechanisms.

Door 1

Door 2

However, on BOTH door closing mechanisms:
- The paint is peeling in the bottom right corner
- A Lockwood sticker is stuck onto the bare metal

Is this a 'design feature', where the paint is designed to peel, revealing a secret Lockwood sticker?

Has someone deliberately peeled the paint away and placed a sticker there?
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Best answer: The stuff peeling away is just a protective sheet used to prevent scratching etc during transportation. The product should be brushed metal once this is removed. Peel away!
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Best answer: From here it looks like that's supposed to be there. What you refer to as paint is the pcv wrapper that is placed on sheet metal to protect it during manufacture/ transit, I think. The manufacturer intended those beauties to be displayed in all their brushed steel glory! Unwrap 'em!
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Response by poster: Good lord... why has this not occurred to me! Thank you MetaFilter! This has been bugging me for months.
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I have a slightly different theory. The top layer that you are peeling away is a coloured version of the product, maybe on that is for residential use, while the brushed aluminum is for commercial use. Perhaps it's cheaper for the company to make the same finish for all their products and apply the colored coating on top based on market demands.
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No way. That dull white PCV is standard protective material for stainless steel finishes.
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