when i find the time capsule, maybe i'll find my memory
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I buried a time capsule in our backyard 25 years ago. I'm not sure I remember where I buried it. Can you help me find it without tearing up the yard?

The time capsule was a cookie tin - your ordinary, run of the mill, round cookie or biscuit tin.

I buried it in one of two areas (image here), as indicated by the red ovals. At the time I remember thinking "I'll bury it by the trees! I'll remember it that way!" Only I don't remember which trees, and think I changed my mind halfway, to the other set of trees.

The smaller area (further back in the photo) is maybe a 3x4 foot area - mostly mulch and grass.

The larger area (closer up) is about 5x10' feet - significantly larger, and now covered by rocks and pebbles.

I'd thought about renting a metal detector, but would the metals in the rocks throw it off? Is there any other way to pick up the materials of what a cookie tin is composed of?
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You gotta change the permissions on that photo cause it's private.
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Metal detector?
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Thanks Pawally, should be fixed.

parmanparman - yes, I've thought about a metal detector, but would the rocks throw it off?
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I wouldn't think the rocks would throw it off much - they're tuned for that sort of thing. If anything, you might find it sensitive enough to find things like old pop-top tabs and the like, though you can discriminate against things like that as well. Good luck!
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The rocks shouldn't affect the metal detector. But, if you're concerned that they might, you can always just move the rock off the path temporarily while you do your scan.
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If you don't have a metal detector then the next best thing might be using a metal rod or pin for a probe. Obviously if you are in an area with too many tree roots then it will be a pain but so will randomly digging. Chaining pins work great for probing unless you buried it super deep..
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I agree with JJ86, depending on how deep it is you can poke around with a solid metal poker like a piece of rebar or something. It is likely you will hear a little different ring if you stab above the box. Listen carefully though, it would be easy to poke right through a rusty tin.

The rocks should not throw off a metal detector.
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Thanks for the replies, and the re-assurance about the rocks not being an issue. A chaining pin might work - though they might be a little short. After years of adding mulch, and now rocks, it's probably about 1.5' underground. I might try poking around, but will probably go for a metal detector. To add on - if anyone knows where I can rent one in the VA/DC area, recommendations would be most appreciated! Thanks again!
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Looks like a tool rental place is your best bet - see if there are one of these in your area.
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A metal detector will work. The most basic one would probably even work. Rocks will not be a problem.
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