Are Moscow train tickets change-able?
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Moscow train tickets -- change-able or refundable? ISO on-the-ground info.

I am going to Moscow this weekend to join a conference -- yay! But, my sponsors have hit a glitch with my visa, blah blah, now I'm leaving on a different day than I was told, after making all kinds of plans. Boo!

Problem: I purchased non-refundable and pricey train tickets round trip Moscow to St. Petersburg via TravExpress aka The ticket confirmation document states that the tickets are non-refundable, but I wonder if I can change them at the train station? If I could change the dates on my train tickets I can recreate all of my meetings and fix my upset plans. Any intel appreciated. I have contacted the third-party agency that sold me the tickets but no answer yet.
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Just to clarify: are you using these tickets to get directly to the conference? Or was that additional travel before/after?

I'd add that you may have bought pricey tickets here in the US, but you can probably get much cheaper tickets on-the-ground. I think I paid maybe $100 or so for a train ticket, 2nd class, that included a sleeper compartment,, and this was headed to the middle of Siberia. Of course that was 7 years ago. Does look like you could get a round trip ticket for as low as $250 or so.
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Seat 61 or Poezda may have some info.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all, the visa glitch got un-glitched so this all became moot.
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