Need to deliver baked goods to a friend, in Toronto, at night
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A friend of mine, who lives in East York (Toronto), is working insanely long hours. I want to send him baked goods from a great bakery (since he wants cookies really badly). Can you help me find a bakery that will deliver to him outside of regular office hours (possibly faaar outside regular hours), and that I won't have to go to in order to set this all up--since I'm in Ottawa?
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I had a box of Zelcovia cookies delivered to someone in Toronto (from Melbourne), and everything was flawless. I'm not sure about delivery hours, but the staff is friendly and might be able to help.
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Celena's Bakery is right around the corner from me, and Patisserie La Cigogne is just down the street; they're both really good.

I live in that area, and my kids are down by eight or so. Memail me, we'll get it done.
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Would it be possible to send him food at his place of work?
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Apparently you can also often get a local florist to deliver non-flower items for a fee.
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