I have a simple mind, and I want to make a bunch of simple invitations.
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I have a simple mind, and I want to make a bunch of simple invitations.

I want to have about 70 folding cards printed.

I want the entire front of the card to be a photo, supplied by me. I want to be able to upload and format the text for the inside of the card.

I want a WYSIWYG preview of the entire card prior to committing to the purchase of about 70.

It seems that a high percentage of the online printers will not accommodate this simple request, and instead rely upon me choosing one of their templates or layouts.

I want envelopes, too.

Budget isn't the primary consideration, but I'd like to save a buck as much as the next guy (or girl).

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Have you looked at templates out of iPhoto if you are a Mac user? I don't have it in front of me, but I think they have a very basic option like this that will give you complete control (more or less) over the formatting inside.
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I have used Vistaprint to make customized postcards before, and I see a variety of notecard options.
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Winkflash has a "No-Border Folded Card Stock Card", with many layout options to customize for inside text.
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I've used ImageMedia and GotPrint for various mailings and was always able to upload my own artwork. Both do digital previews.
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My beloved moo.com will do all you ask for (except you'll have to buy 75 or 100 folded cards. I don't believe they do batches of 70).
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