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Help me find a perfume that smells like these flowers.

These rhododendron/azaleas are blooming right now in Portland. They are typically yellow, orange, or white, with a potent fragrance that is skunky-sweet, like sex or armpits or pot. It makes my head swim and my knees weak and reminds me of being in love.

Do you know a perfume that smells like these flowers?
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For a quick fix but something that's not strong enough to wear, you can pack the blossoms very very tightly into a small glass vial and fill it with a decent vodka. I did this in March with Texas mountain laurel (previous AskMe), which blooms only for a few weeks per year, and when I open the vial I can get a good sniff at least.

Good luck!
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Apparently the scent of azalea cannot be extracted, so you will have to find something that is designed to evoke the azalea scent but is not made of azalea (this kind of technique is usually referred to as an "accord"). I have not smelled it, but Hove Parfumeur in New Orleans does have a fragrance called Azalea, and it is possible to order a small amount for 20 or 30 dollars.
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I'm not familiar with any of the ones listed, so I can't vouch for them, but Fragrantica lists a couple of perfumes with notes of rhododendron.
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Here is an Azalea fragrance oil.
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Here is an azalea absolute. Also on Amazon.
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