Find me a good Yankees bar in NYC
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Where are some nice bars to watch the Yankees in NYC?

Where are some laid-back bars in NYC where I can watch a Yankees game? I would prefer someplace relatively quiet, where it won't be totally weird to be there alone with a beer and a book. Ideally, it would replicate a living room--sort of like Pacific Standard, but it's my understanding that they mostly have CA-area sports on. I'm not picky about neighborhood; anywhere in the 5 boroughs is fair game.
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Virtually all bars in NYC that have TV's show every Yankees game, with the exception of bars that are devoted to another team/sport.

You should be able to walk into just about any bar with a television and ask to watch the Yankee game if for some reason it's not already on. Do you have a neighborhood bar you like aside from Pacific Standard.

Some bars are known for being all rah rah Yankees and attract shouty crowds. While it's not a great place to read a book, even in those sorts of bars I don't think anyone would think it weird that you came alone to watch the game.
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Yeah, I know every bar has them so I was hoping someone would be able to suggest me a particularly nice one, since all that choice is sort of daunting. I will see what I can do though.
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