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I'm looking for blogs that will answer questions like "Is now a bad time to get an unlocked Galaxy Nexus?" or "Now that Diablo has arrived, what are the most anticipated games of 2012?" Tech and video games galore, please. Bonus points if it's hilarious.
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The Wire Cutter is pretty much exactly that for the tech stuff, but they don't do gaming.
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I'm a big fan of the tone and voice of Gawker Media. Sometimes bitter and acerbic, and the journalism might not be quite to the level of some other blogs, but they're consistently funny and fun to read
Gizmodo: Technology and Gadgets
Kotaku: Video Games and Gaming
Lifehacker: Productivity, with a focus on tech and software
io9: Science, Science Fiction, and other Genre fiction, mostly movies, books, and TV but also technology and general science.

And The Gawker Mothership A news/opinion/gossip blog that's not to your topics but is generally fun and informative to read.
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The Verge and their soon to be spin-off site, Polygon. I'm moving away myself from both the Gawker and AOL properties, but I've long enjoyed Gizmodo and Kotaku (as linked above) from Gawker, and Engadget and Joystiq from AOL.
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Giantbomb is the best and funniest gaming website out there.
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StackExchange has a whole bunch of sites that answer all sorts of these types of questions -- and more.
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Mostly for video game news I read Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It is PC only, has a good focus on interesting indie stuff, and the writing is usually good.
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