Buying a shirt for skinnyfat dude w/long arms in NYC
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Shirt-filter: Buying, via Mail-order or in NYC, a casual dress shirt for a guy who is skinnyfat, with long arms. Shirt Me AskMe!

I would like to buy some affordable casual, buttoned, longsleeve, collared shirts, say less than $50 per shirt, that will last washing and tumble drying for a good few years.

I'm a guy, have a 42-44" chest, 16.5" collar, and wide shoulders, slender torso, skinny arms. I have a little bit of a gut, classic "skinnyfat" body-shape. The killer is that I have LONG arms ( more than 36" sleeve length). I like my shirts to have arms long enough that when I reach out and shake hands with someone, the shirt sleeves don't hike up my arm; in fact the cuffs shouldn't move at all.

In the US, If I buy shirts that have arms long enough, either the body of the shirt or arms are too baggy (big L or XL shirts). If I buy slimmer or smaller shirts, the arms are short or show my unfortunate belly.

Benneton shirts - euro cut, in L or XL are good, but the only other shirts I've found are either custom or very high end.

Does anyone know of mail order/internet or in person in NYC retailers that stock items like this?
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You're going to want to start buying your shirts in colar size in inches and sleeve length. These are big-boy shirts. Your collar size may be 17 to 18, and your sleeves 36".

Go to Macy's and have someone help you with this. They can measure you and suggest the appropriate shirts.

They carry a butt-load of brands and have fantastic sales.
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I'm very similar to you in what you've said your measurements are, and I've had the best luck dollar-for-dollar, from JC Penny's Stafford essentials line (size range="fitted"). They fit remarkably well, they last a long time, no need to iron, and you can't beat the price.
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6'2" with a similar body shape here, and I can't recommend enough!

Probably will take 2-3 shirts to get the fit perfectly right, but even my first attempt (which I came up with by measuring my best fitting shirt and estimating how much needed to be added/subtracted in various places) was better than the majority of the shirts in my closet.

YMMV, but their intro offer is like $20 so it may be worth a try.
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Also 6"2! I will try out Stafford and moderntaylor. Keep suggestions coming!
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Land's End for button downs. Specify trim fit and pick a sleeve length and neck to fit. (6'4" tall guy here)
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