Massage School?
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Careers for massage therapists?

Hello, I'm considering getting my Massage Therapy license from the Swedish Institute in NYC.

What kind of job opportunities can I expect if I'm not interested in working in a spa? Would prefer to work in some form of rehab at a hospital or private practice.

Any ideas what the salaries are like? Thanks!
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I have a friend who is a MT who does occasional chair massage gigs at public/semi-public places. Mostly she goes through a guy (I don't know exactly their employment/contract terms) who works with places like Whole Foods, casinos, conventions to book the spots, and then he calls her to book shifts. I know she makes a fair amount of money when she works at the World Series of Poker tournaments (at Harrah's in New Orleans). However the work is hard on her body so she only does massage as a side job.
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The people I know who are in MT are self-employed, either running their own clinics, working out of other people's clinics and getting paid per client, and/or giving massages in people's homes or at events. I don't think I know anyone who supports herself completely with massage work - they all have other jobs and/or are stay-at-home-moms.
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I'd recommend hooking up with a chiropracter and/or a gym. Be the on-site massage person. They may even give you your own room to set up in. You may be renting the space, but benefiting from the location.

It's not quite the same as being a Physical Therapist, which I would recommend. A PT will make a great living and can work in a hospital with all kinds of benefits.

Long Island University in Brooklyn
College of Staten Island

I'm inclined to go with CSI because it's part of CUNY and will be affordable.

How much is the MT course?
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I know of at least two full time massage therapists. One works at a sports rehab clinic, works as an independent contractor, and one works at more of a spa, as a well paid employee, with tips.

Both make very good money, an average appointment here goes for about 70-90/hr and they average 6-10 clients per day, 4-5 days per week. Both took about a year or two to build up a full time clientele, and one told me it's like being a realtor - it takes time to build a foundation and a brand, and it's nice to have another source of income or partner while you get established.

Home massage therapists locally charge less, say 50-60/hr, and since travel time is ridiculous, it's better to have a home studio that clients can come to, not drive all over the place all day. Not all cities may work like that.
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