Best book for beginning C++ student?
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What's the single best book for a beginning student of C++ to work through over a period of a month or two?
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Stroustrup's 'The C++ Programming Language'. The 2nd Edition, if possible.
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On to C++ is a pretty good book for someone with little programming experience.
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veedubya has it. Not everyone who invents a language can write for beans, but happily for us, Stroustrup can.
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Thinking in C++ gets great reviews* and the ebook version of it is free from the author.

*Caveat that I don't know how good it would be for a pure newbie.
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"Accelerated C++" by Koenig and Moo is particularly good for organising the topics in an order most suitable for actually learning C++. Many other books organise topics more or less in the order the features in question were invented, which is a particularly poor way of learning C++ for most people.
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Do you already know any other programming languages?
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Response by poster: scose: yep, a bunch.
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This is a bit late, but I just wanted to second Accelerated C++. I read it coming from a pretty strong C background but without much knowledge of the "++" features, and I thought it did a good job of focusing on how to write C++ without treating it as C with stuff bolted on. This is generally considered good practice by more advanced C++ programmers. It also assumes you're not a complete newb at coding, which it sounds like is the case for you.

I will also say that if you're still jonesing for more after you get up to speed, the Effective series (Effective C++, Effective STL, More Effective C++) is excellent.
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