Orange fixtures on NYC Streetlights?
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Manhattan filter: what are the orange cylinders that now grace the tops of streetlights?

They seemed to arrive a couple of years ago. They look like some sort of emergency light, but I don't know what good they would do, based on their vertical position 30 feet from the ground.
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Traffic cameras?
posted by garbo at 3:35 PM on July 21, 2005

My question about the same has answers.
posted by riffola at 3:38 PM on July 21, 2005

...and don't be gettin' all high and mighty about it, Admiral. We got them fancy (if useless) things in Queens too.
posted by Oddly at 4:57 PM on July 21, 2005

Cell phone antennas.
posted by KRS at 8:21 AM on July 22, 2005

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