Seed-filter: Can you ID this seed?
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Seed-filter: Can you identify this seed (head-on, profile)? My mom came across this odd seed and is wondering what it is. I suggested that we plant it to figure out, but decided that Asking Metafilter might be a faster option.
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Assuming you found it in DC, my guess is that it's from a Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora). They have sort of pine-cone-ish seed pods with large red seeds - see the picture on the wiki page.
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Thanks, Quietgal! This is key information that I really should have mentioned -- it's from Bangalore, India. (Clearly I'm not a good botanist...)
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It looks a lot like a persimmon seed...I'm gonna continue to research though, and try to come up with a definitive answer.
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The scar from where the seed was connected to the ovary is on the side, so not a persimmon nor Magnolia grandiflora. Did your mom have any pictures of the plants in the general area? I would start by identifying those, and then look at their seeds. Without a plant or even a fruit, a single seed is very difficult to identify. The key would be knowing the plants in the area, or for someone who has grown the exact same plant to recognize it.
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Thanks for the guess, PlantGoddess!

Oneirodynia, I asked my Mom -- the mystery deepens, in that one of her friends was apparently mailed the seed -- so no easy context. (Of course, the easy answer would be to ask the person who mailed the seed...)
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