TOR browser is connecting but not loading .onions
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Setup TOR Browser Bundle, connected to network, but no .onions are loading...?

As stated in the title: I've got TOR browser bundle running, brought up Vidalia and connected, onion icon in system tray is green and network says I'm connected, but no .onion URLs are loading in Firefox ("unable to connect").

I've googled around for any support or forums I could find, but have found nothing.

Any configuration ideas or help is greatly appreciated!
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From my little experience with TOR, I recall having a similar issue at some point. Unfortunately I don’t remember what I ended up doing but here is a possible solutions you could give a try.
After your internet connection is up, run htpdate manually:
sudo htpdate -x
Also, have you tried searching Tor's combined bug tracker and wiki website? It is pretty extensive, might need to do some digging but you could probably find something there.
Good luck, Dani
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