Was that really a Beechcraft Starship flying over my house in CA?
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So I regularly see what looks to be a Beechcraft Starship flying over my home in Moraga, CA. Wondering if a) it is indeed a starship and b) who owns it.

So the plane that flies over looks very much like this one two pusher engines, swept back wings and canards up front but from what I read Starships are very rare with only five remaining flying none of which appear to be based near me.

It has a very distinctive sound when flying overhead so I catch it quite often. Anyone know anymore about it?
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From the article you shared, could you maybe be seeing a Piaggio P.180 Avanti?

"Many folks have even had false sightings, where they think they see a Starship, but really it is a similarly configured Piaggio P.180 Avanti."
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Best answer: If you have a pair of binoculars and/or can see it well enough to grab the N-Number, you can look it up in the FAA's registry, which will give you the make/model and owner information.
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Response by poster: I don't 'think' it's the Piaggio because I'm pretty sure the one I see has swept back wings which the Piaggio doesn't appear to have.

I'll try and grab the binoculars next time though.
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Response by poster: I guess it has to be a Piaggio - I must be mistaken about the swept back wings. Will double check next time for sure.
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I don't think it's impossible. None are based in California, but there are several photos of NC-51 in the Tehachapi Mountains and Edwards AFB and some of NC-6 near the Bay Area.
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I've seen a Piaggio flying over our house here in Cupertino. I initially thought it was a Starship and got excited but it didn't look quite right.
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