Help me collect on a default judgement win.
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How do I collect on a default judgement in MA without an attorney?

About 18 months ago I won a default judgement against someone that I sued. My attorney is a good friend (working pro bono) that has since not had time to deal with collecting on that judgement.
What can I do on my own to be able to pursue collection? I am in MA.
The defendant has a few liens on his house already, which I think is why my friend is dragging his heels. He sees this as a zero-reward effort.

I've asked a similar question a while ago (prior to winning judgement) but received very mixed responses. My question now is what I can do WITHOUT a lawyer to collect.
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Contact your local sherriff's office and see what services they offer. I believe they can play a role, but I don't know if it's with or without attorney help.
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Best answer: In your previous question, the information you gave led people to guess that the debtor was Judgment Proof. Is this still true?

Because collecting judgments is very state-specific, you will need to focus on Massachusetts resources. This is one (on preview, same as unreasonable's above), and you may find good information in the Self Help Center of the Massachusetts Courts.

If you want results before your friend can help you, you may be able to find a lawyer to help you on contingency, or sell the judgment (for considerably less than the value) to someone who does this for a living. Googling could help you, or you could ask your friend.

Good luck. I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer and I am not licensed in MA, and the above is not legal advice.
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Response by poster: Thank you, China. I'm going to immediately look into selling the judgement. I want to deal with this as little as possible as well even if it results in my getting less than I was awarded.
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