Where do music festival vendors find good help?
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Asking for my 22 year old daughter who would like to spend the summer (or longer) working at music festivals. She has service industry experience, including restaurant work, and she's been to several festivals over the past few years, so she's familiar with and comfortable with the living conditions. She's going to a Summer Camp (Chillicothe, IL) in a couple of weeks and will talk to vendors there. In the meantime, where should she be looking?
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This website lists all of the music festivals in the US, the dates, and locations too.

Then have her visit the official websites. Some of these websites should have a 'getting involved' section for people that are interested in volunteering although I don't think most jobs are directly posted on the websites (I may be wrong though). She could also directly email people by using the contact us page on each website.
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I worked at a festival pizza stand once by answering a Craigslist posting. They traveled around to different festivals, hiring locals at each stop. Maybe check there? If you find a stand you like, you can possibly follow their schedule. It's a win-win: she'd have a regular job and they'd have one fewer person to train.
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Depending on what exactly she is interested in, I suggest Clean Vibes.

I volunteered for them at Bonnaroo last summer. We paid 25$, got a free t-shirt and free admission to the festival (i think the Bonnaroo ticket was like $200 something). We stayed two days after and spent 8hours each day consolidating trash. It was mildly gross, but not that terrible and you can keep stuff you find. We found everything you can imagine from chairs to kiddie pools to hulla hoops to unopended boxes of granola bars to drugs to clothing. We also met cool people and had fun (they provide you with free food for those two days after the festival).
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You could checkout Ravinia in Highland Park (Chicago); though they mainly hire people for the entire season (summer) I think.
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I'm heading off to Wakarusa in a couple weeks and I know that they take volunteers through WET and I also know that the (independent of the festival?) caterers were looking for volunteers as well. There's some information on that in this forum post.

I wonder if it's not a good idea to find out, if she's looking to help out on the food service, who's catering the event and then perhaps contact them? I'd maybe check into whether WET services more than just Wakarusa...
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Thank you so much for the advice and links, which I will forward to her.

Golden Eternity: We're in Chicago and I would love it if she found a position with Ravinia. Unfortunately for me, she wants to put some distance between herself and her dad, who won't be happy until she finds a 9:00 - 5:00 job (e.g., "as a receptionist").

youandiandaflame: Perhaps you'll run into each other - this will be her 3rd Wakarusa.
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