What does my dryer's rotary iron mode do?
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What is this dryer mode? I have a Samsung dyer (DV4006) with various modes, two are "Iron" and "Rotary Iron". What is the difference?

The manual for the dryer can be found here.

It will confirm there is such a mode, but the manual does not have any actual suggestions for how to USE the dryer, just instructions for how to use it assuming you know what you're doing.

Normally with dress clothes I'd put them in on a "permanent press" cycle, but that's not an option here.

The goal of the above question is to be able to decide how to dry my various dress shirts, but mostly I just want to stop being annoyed that I have no idea what those buttons mean.
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Best answer: Some Googling seems to indicate that the "rotary iron" setting will leave garments at the proper moisture level for use in a rotary iron (so, slightly damp). The same seems to go for the "iron" setting, for use with a hand iron.
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Best answer: WasabiFlux has it - these modes leave the clothes in the most optimum condition for ironing after using the dryer by leaving them a little damp. I would expect the difference between the two is how damp the clothes are, probably a little more for a rotary iron as the entire garment is being passed through at once.

One aspect of a permanent press mode is to leave clothes a little damp to prevent wrinkling, so these settings will provide a similar result. As you are drying dress clothes I expect you'll be ironing them afterwards - though not with a rotary iron - so I'd set iron mode for these clothes.
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