Photography portfolio website suggestions?
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I need a photography portfolio website for myself. I already maintain smugmug and flickr sites, but these are mainly used for works in progress and special projects. Not final collections. I want something that is simple, elegant and easy to manage, supporting three or four galleries with limited numbers of images and an about page. I've looked into Joomla with Joom:Gallery and it all seems too much, overkill and means I'd have to become a web gal again. Should I bite the bullet and learn Joomla or another CMS, hire a designer or is there a service that "keeps it simple" and without their own branding?
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I like indexhibit, which is a very simple portfolio-oriented CMS system. Also, it's donation-ware. And I strongly suggest you donate.

Here's a good example.
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I've heard good things about photoshelter, but it's not cheap. Or what about a separate smugmug pro account with your own domain name? On their pro accounts, you can completely disable the smugmug branding I think.
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Best answer: This is a project that Wordpress would be perfect for. there are many many free photography portfolio themes to choose from, and their media management would make this project a breeze.
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Best answer: If you are willing to do just a little bit of web stuff, a self-hosted Wordpress installation using a quality gallery plugin would do the trick. It would be a few hours on the front end to get it all set up the way you want, but after that it would be dead simple to add additional galleries and pages.
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2nding indexhibit! so easy to use; i really dig it.
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(for anyone else that may be looking, Stacey bills itself as an easier alternative to indexhibit... i'll be testing it out myself and will hopefully remember to check-in with this thread w/ my findings)
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Are you looking for free? If not then I am happy with these guys: The price is right for me for basic slide portfolios. Not very user friendly when uploading and such but it does the trick for me.
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Best answer: I think squarespace would be a good choice for this. It's beautiful and simple to use, and there's a free trial so you can check it out first. 4ormat is also pretty cool. I discovered it through the Bonnie Tsang's portfolio if you want to see an example of it in action.
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Best answer: I went the wordpress route with my photography website. I just wanted something I could totally control and had a supportive community and I enjoy tinkering with php and css and have been doing that for a while.

If you want you can send me a memail and I can recommend a couple of great wordpress templates that I used as a foundation and I can show you the tinkering I did for my own.
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A couple of photographer friends recommended Zenfolio, but I have no idea if that's what you're looking for.
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Best answer: Squarespace could help.

I personally find the admin for WordPress a lot more friendly than the Joomla interface. There are hundreds (thousands?) of photography portfolio themes for WordPress, and most webhosts have one click installs. Plenty of Flickr plugins exist too.
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Best answer: If you were my client, I'd set you up with self-hosted WordPress & the nggallery plugin to handle the phto albums.
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Deviant Art?
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Response by poster: Hey guys, plan one is to give Wordpress a try. The backup plan is to look into Squarespace. Thanks for the suggestions.
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I think that Wordpress would be your best bet, it is far more easier to manage than joomla and Drupal. You can go with the option of custom theme development, buy a cheap Wordpress theme or find a free one. Here is an example of a portfolio theme. is good but you probably need someone to theme it for you.
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