Redirect landline telephone to foreign number.
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How can I redirect my US number to non-US number?

I plan to be out of the US for the next few months but don't want to change my (california) land line. Is there a great service that allows me to redirect my number to foreign land or cell phones.

I'm guessing that there are several services out there, not least VOIP, but am looking for recommendations or trusted reviews.

Thank you.
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My suggestion, if your phone provider won't let you *72 to an international number, would be to *72 to a US voip number which is then forwarded to your international number. is one such service that offers call forwarding to international numbers, and offers US local numbers.
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I use for this. There may be others that are even less expensive. They allow you to buy a DID (phone number, essentially) and forward all calls to any number you like, including international. Unlimited incoming minutes on the DID is usually around $4-$5 a month or around $1.49 plus a penny a minute. Sometimes they run deals that are even cheaper.

You can port or you can forward from your landline. It costs the same either way and caller ID should be preserved.
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I bought a number from Skype and had my cell phone forwarded to it. Then I forwarded the Skype number to my local foreign mobile.
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