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Longform.org for fiction?

Is there a website like longform.org for short stories and novellas? Hopefully of the same amazing quality as longform.org. (If not, somebody should make it.)
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Longreads includes fiction.
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The Longreads fiction tag is a good start.

There's not a lot of this. And this is a thing that's being talked about, and is in development in a few places.

But the thing is... fiction writers don't want to give away their work for free, as much as nonfiction writers do (or feel they have to. Heh).

Nonfiction writers are getting somewhat separated from the sources that provide them with at least some revenue by these aggregators. Fiction writers, already at the bottom of the financial totem pole, can't/shouldn't tolerate that.

You're better off following people like Atavist (hardly any fiction) and Byliner (more fiction!) and Emily Books (all fiction!), who have very low fees for digital delivery of fiction--and are curators/publishers, not just aggregators.
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Give Intafiction a shot.
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Sorry, correct spelling there is Instafiction.
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only weekly, and all older and American, but Library of America has a weekly short story series.
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Daily Science Fiction has had some good stories.
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